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Local, Regional and Rederal overnments

Increasingly, local, regional and federal governments around the world are looking to move away from costly and inconvenient checks & vouchers for sending payments to citizens. The benefits are many – cost reduction, increased efficiency, greater financial inclusion and economic growth, just to name a few. As a leader in the payments industry with over a decade of experience helping organizations implement financial systems, FettanTM can help your government agency make the transition from check-based payments to fully electronic disbursements facilitated by either a card or mobile app.

With FettanTM, you can enjoy the advantages of a convenient online administrative website from which you can initiate payments, order prepaid cards, track recipient activity, view detailed reports and much more.

At the same time, FettanTM offers some of the most sophisticated fraud and authentication capabilities, as security and fraud prevention is paramount for these types of payments.

Key Capabilities

Optimize your payment disbursement capabilities and enhance the end-user experience. We provide you with all of the tools and expertise you need to reduce costs and create an efficient process.

Accelerate disbursements and provide unparalleled system availability for a consistent and positive citizen experience.

Stay ahead of evolving citizen demands with a platform that offers continual innovations that help you bridge traditional and emerging payment technologies.

Ensure security and prevent fraud with some of the most sophisticated capabilities in the industry.

Count on FettanTM to be your trusted partner supporting any type of prepaid card in plastic, virtual or mobile form. Find out today how our platform can help you improve your processes while making it easier for citizens to accept payments from you.

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