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In today’s economy, associations of all types are reaching out and looking for new ways to generate non-dues revenue

In today’s economy, associations of all types are reaching out and looking for new ways to generate non-dues revenue while striving to enhance the value of membership and increase retention. Member loyalty is critical for an association to achieve its goals and mission. An ongoing challenge is finding ways to connect with members in meaningful ways that add value, all while operating within tight budgets.

At FettanTM we can help your association attract and retain loyal members with innovative payment services and loyalty offerings.

We help you provide value and relevance to the member experience by giving you a platform from which you can offer new financial products to members, launch marketing & communications campaigns or create loyalty programs featuring targeted discounts, offers and rewards.

The goal is to help you attract, engage and retain members and create new sources of revenue for your association.

Our platform not only allows you to make this happen; it also gives you greater insight into your customers’ needs, lifestyles and preferences, providing you with the intelligence necessary to best meet their needs.

Key Capabilities

Local Merchant in Addis Ababa

Local Merchant in Addis Ababa

Offer members new financial products, such as prepaid cards or gifting services. We support any form factor you may need – plastic, virtual or mobile.

Connect with your customers via the mobile channel. Whether its via a payment service or with targeted SMS messages & alerts, FettanTM can help you execute a mobile strategy.

Turn your membership card into so much more than identification. With FettanTM, we can help you issue a multi-use card that combines member identification with features of a payment and/or loyalty card.

Monetize new partnerships or business opportunities. Our cloud-based platform connects you to the entire commerce ecosystem and is easily configurable to meet your needs.

Provide members with valuable discounts, offers and rewards targeted to their specific behavior and preferences. We can help you deliver these to members digitally to help drive engagement with your association.

With FettanTM, you will have a trusted partner that provides you with an industry-leading end-to-end commerce platform that you can use to strengthen your member base. Find out today how we can help you better service your members while creating new revenue opportunities.

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